Consulting for the world’s best casinos

Global Market Force offers Casino Consulting services to casinos all around the world. Casino Marketing, Casino Operations and Casino Management.

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Consulting for the world’s best casinos

Global Market Force offers Casino Consulting services to casinos all around the world. Casino Marketing, Casino Operations and Casino Management.

Our Services

Casino Management

Global Market Force has extensive experience in all aspects of Casino Management, from fiscal through to HR.


Casino Operations

From the ground up Global Market Force can advise on and implement all of your Casino Operation requirements.


Casino Marketing

GMF will make you stand out from your competition opening new market opportunities for your gaming venture.


Our Expertise

Extensive  Experience

Collectively the directors of Global Market Force have over 100 years experience in the casino and gaming industry

Regulatory Knowledge

Working with a number of different jurisdictions and regulatory bodies allows us to understand and adapt to different work environments.

Cultural Understanding

Knowledge and appreciation of the local environment are essential to our service offering.

Long-term Business Development

We provide and execute business plans to suit any environment and work that will help your company grow.

Modern Technology

The Gaming industry has evolved over the past 30 years and we have grown with it.

International Recognition

We have been involved with casino operations throughout various countries including Australia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, United States, Monte Carlo, Czech Republic and Croatia.

Our Team

Christopher de Lima

Managing Director

Chris commenced his Gaming career in Tasmania in 1981 and travelled/worked in various countries such as Morocco, France, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Poland, Denmark, Croatia and Australia, holding various managerial positions.

Chris brings a wealth of experience in Casino Operations with project management, negotiating tax rate with government bodies, casino design and implementation of incentive programs, Financial Business analysis, turn key operations and has lead teams in both gaming and marketing with corporate objectives being met.

Chris has been involved in strategic planning with business development and cost analysis being pivotal to successful terms at a number of roles during his career.

In May 2017, Chris formed a management company with his Father Roger, brothers, Neil and Martin, Global Market Force Pty Ltd and signed a contract with Cratos Hotel Resort in Cyprus to implement an infrastructure designed to attract business primarily from the Asian region.

Roger Hugh de Lima


Roger started his gaming career in London during the early 60’s of which his career has lead to working in Monte Carlo, Iran, Australia, USA, Singapore and Yugoslavia. Roger is a pioneer in developing incentives to attract and entice repeat business of which he was the first to bring in American Junkets to Monte Carlo in the late 70’s via the original Concorde and later in Australia, initiated a marketing drive into the lucrative Asian market. What we see today in Australia in terms of the Asian gaming market was developed by Roger through his vision.

Roger’s terms with Las Vegas Hilton and MGM was pivotal to the growth in Las Vegas during the early 90’s. Product and services was his strategy with the development of private gaming, grand suites and villa’s designed and dedicated to the Asian market.

Roger brings a wealth of marketing and operational experience to Global Market Force and has been a mentor to many current key casino industry executives.

Neil de Lima


Neil commenced his career in Tasmania in 1983 working in various Australian states and internationally in countries such as Czech Republic, Singapore and Hong Kong with land base casinos and premier cruise lines.

Neil has enhanced player development through product and services, involved with project management and managing teams in both gaming and international development.
Neil has casino operational knowledge, human resources, recruitment processes and implementation of various training modules which enhanced services offered to broad spectrum of customer cultures. This lead Neil in managing one of the first premium international department designed to provide bespoke experiences in a challenging market.

Martin de Lima


Martin started his gaming career in 1988 at Burswood International Resort and has worked in various areas of gaming operations. Martin was part of the set up team at Burswood Resort which catered to first Junkets from Asia and progressively worked in a number of European casino operations including Czech Republic and Carnival Cruise Lines.

Martin brings a wealth of gaming operations experience relevant to start up operations and has sound knowledge of operational policies and procedures. Martin has worked closely with a number of gaming management systems utilized for tracking customer play to determine true value and security aspects in terms of game protection. Martin has sound knowledge of key table games from both a training and analytical perspective with design and implementation of training module. Having travelled throughout his career, Martin understands the importance of cultural differences and can adapt to any environment or landscape required

Our Experience

The Directors of Global Market Force have been involved with casino operations throughout various countries including Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, United Kingdom, United States, France, Morocco, Monte Carlo, Czech Republic, Denmark, Croatia, Poland and Northern Cyprus

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